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Beginning your Academic Journey in India

To all the students coming to study in India, a big congrats for making it this far. With studying in India’s easy process of college and course selection, you can cast your worries aside and breathe a sigh of relief. As you begin your exciting academic journey, we are committed to ensuring that you receive all the support at every step from our team to succeed going forward. And for some more w

Multicultural Land Of India - Study in India

To me, India’s always represented ‘everything’, it represents ‘all.’ Everything is here. You can stay here forever, and you’ll never feel like you’ve missed out on life. - Chris Martin It’s common knowledge that India is one of the biggest melting pots of cultures, languages, and backgrounds that the world has to offer. Each state has its own language, each city has its own monume

Top 5 Career options after an MBA

                    Top 5 Career options after an MBATo give you a glimpse into the kind of jobs you can pursue after your MBA, here are the top 5 career options after MBA.1. Investment BankerThe Wolf of Wall Street may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term investment banker. It is, without a doubt, a lucrative career option. As an investment banker, you will

How is online learning better than distance learning?

There is confusion between distance education and online education in today’s times. They are often used interchangeably. But that is incorrect. Both are different forms of learning, and both have their uses. Today, an online degree in India has gotten a huge push forward with the advent of Covid-19 and the subsequent closing of physical schools, colleges, and universities. However, both distan

How an MBA impacts your career?

Earning a professional degree in business management has a wide range of benefits for young professionals. Whether you have an analytical or a creative bent of mind, come from a business or non-business background, are introverted or extroverted, the management and leadership skills that you pick up while pursuing an MBA will equip you with a diverse skill set. This bolsters the trajectory of your

Boost your career with an online BBA degree

Why is online BBA relevant? Business administration and management skills cannot be acquired overnight and need to be nurtured. BBA is a business management program that allows you to gain distinctive business skills. An online BBA degree will provide you with a foundation in business management. From business law to entrepreneurship development, this course covers all the management topics and t

Are Online Degree Courses & Regular Offline Courses of the Same Value?

       Are Online Degree Courses & Regular Offline Courses of the Same Value?The perception of online courses has changed significantly in the past decade. A Babson Survey Research Group study revealed that around 33% of college students have joined at least one online course. Today, most employers and educational institutes understand that an online degree is as efficient and educational as a


BBA Health Management   A candidate aims to achieve a real-time approach in comprehending fundamental ideas in hospital and health system administration. This curriculum includes presentation-based critical thinking and problem-solving training. The curriculum also provides an opportunity to hone skills for dealing with issues in healthcare organizations. We are creating an online platform that


BBA is a three-year-long graduation course that helps create business leaders with problem-solving techniques and special skills. A chance to understand the basics, governing principles, ethics, theories, and specific areas essential to business. We are here with an offer to help you access an online BBA (Specialization - Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Inter


 Bachelors in Science (Psychology) A candidate aims to get proficiency in Psychology to enroll for the course of B.Sc. Psychology. The program is designed as per international standards to offer students a dynamic vision about the vast subject of Psychology, concentrating on human behavior and the brain. The takeaway from the course is specialization in critical thinking, analytical skills, eval


MBA is a two-year-long post-graduation course that helps candidates and future entrepreneurs with complex problem-solving techniques and special skills. A chance to understand the. We are here with an offer to allow you access an online MBA (Specialization - Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, International Business Management,

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