Are Online Degree Courses & Regular Offline Courses of the Same Value?
23rd January 2020 By Eduzina

       Are Online Degree Courses & Regular Offline Courses of the Same Value?

The perception of online courses has changed significantly in the past decade. A Babson Survey Research Group study revealed that around 33% of college students have joined at least one online course. Today, most employers and educational institutes understand that an online degree is as efficient and educational as a regular degree program.

The following section would educate you about various aspects of online learning and explain how it varies from traditional learning.

How do the regular degree courses run?

The regular degree program requires students to attend classes without fail. There, you will be accompanied by many other students and there will be a good learning environment.


Recent years have indeed seen the dominance of online degree programs. However, the demand for offline courses is still remarkably high. That’s because offline programs allow students to communicate with peer groups and ask questions to their lecturers directly.


These traditional degree programs make students feel more responsible for exams. They remain committed to meeting deadlines and attending classes regularly.


However, the college lifestyle discussed above doesn’t suit the needs and mindset of a large number of people especially, working professionals and entrepreneurs. They prefer joining the online BCA or BBA classes. People pursuing their master’s degrees often take up part-time jobs to meet their expenses. It is common for these individuals to struggle to adjust to the schedules of college lectures. Such events force many to leave their studies midway. These people avoid traditional learning primarily due to its lack of flexibility.

So, they prefer to do the post-graduation through online MBA or online MCA programs that are offered by the different colleges or universities.

Benefits of pursuing an online degree  

Scheduling flexibility: Working professionals would be able to schedule online courses according to their requirements thanks to the option of asynchronous learning.


Geographic flexibility: You can complete your online graduate degree from a university of your choice irrespective of your geographic location.


Lower overall expenditure: The course fee for online courses is lower when compared to traditional courses. Apart from that, students don’t have to bear expenses for the daily commute or pay for college accommodation.


Comfortable learning environment: As you will be the one choosing your learning environment, you will feel more comfortable when completing coursework.

Career advancement: You will get to complete the necessary degrees online to get promotions at your workplace. Working professionals need not leave their job to earn a master’s degree.


Improvement in technical skills: You will learn to use new software suites, study various formats of online communication, perform detailed research, and more.

Higher education and career opportunities offered by online degrees

The past couple of years has seen online education receive mainstream acceptance. Today, there’s almost no difference between completing an online degree and completing a regular offline program.


Top employers around the globe are not hesitating to recruit individuals who have completed a BBA or MBA program online.


The only thing employers check when hiring an individual is from where he or she has completed the course. If it is a prestigious institution, companies never discriminate between applicants based on whether they have an online degree or an offline degree. Many companies even encourage their employees to look for the best online MBA programs for working individuals.


Online learners will also not find it difficult to get themselves enrolled at prestigious academic organizations for pursuing higher education. This stands true even for students who have completed a degree online but want to enroll in a master’s program next.


The above discussion must have helped you in understanding more about mainstream online learning. The only thing you need to ensure when taking an online course is that it is offered by a top university.


We have always been a reputed name when it comes to offering education. The A+ NAAC-accredited universities have carried on this legacy to frame high-quality online degree programs for students.


Currently, we are offering online degrees like BBA, BCA, MBA, and MCA. The program duration of each of these programs is the same as their offline versions. However, you will have to pay much lower fees for taking these courses online.

Get yourself enrolled for any one of these courses and boost your career with this new method of learning.