2nd February 2022 By Eduzina

BBA Health Management   

A candidate aims to achieve a real-time approach in comprehending fundamental ideas in hospital and health system administration. This curriculum includes presentation-based critical thinking and problem-solving training. The curriculum also provides an opportunity to hone skills for dealing with issues in healthcare organizations. We are creating an online platform that lets students understand the subject well and get certification as a graduate by a recognized body.   



A student who has successfully cleared 10+2 in the science stream or has equivalent educational accomplishment from a recognized board is considered eligible for pursuing a BBA Health Management graduation course.  



It is a 36-month course divided into six semesters, each with six examinations. 



There are six semesters, each conducted semi-annually over three years.   



Examinations are conducted twice a year, each after completing the curriculum of the respective semester.   



The students are evaluated yearly based on the Internal exam and Final exam based on a ratio of 3:7.   


List of subjects  

Semester 1  

  • Part I English I  
  • Part II English I  
  • Financial Accounting I 
  • Management Principles 
  • Business Environment 
  • Environmental Studies  

Semester 2  

  • Part I English II  
  • Part II English II  
  • Financial Accounting II 
  • Services Management 
  • Business Communication 
  • Business Economics  

Semester 3  

  • Part I English III  
  • Part II English III  
  • Management Information System (MIS) 
  • Business Law 
  • Strategic Management 
  • Cost Accounting  

Semester 4  

  • Part I English IV  
  • Part II English IV  
  • Organizational Behaviour 
  • Quality Management 

Semester 5  

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance 
  • Management Accounting 
  • Introduction to Health care Systems 
  • Medical Records Management  

Semester 6  

  • Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation 
  • Project Management 
  • Medical Coding and Billing 
  • Insurance Management 
  • Quantitative Techniques 
  • Project work  

Who should Join the BBA Health Management course?   

BBA Health Management course is designed to offer a real-time outlook towards Hospital and Health Management systems. The candidate is provided tools and knowledge to treat health care organization issues and challenges. The instant takeaway is the critical thinking and problem-solving approach. 

Career/ Employment/ Job Opportunity after the course   

A graduate of the BBA Health Management Course can have a key role in Healthcare organizations, Health insurance, medical coding and billing, Pharmacy, Banking & financial services, Marketing, Human resource management, Entrepreneurship. 

 There are endless possibilities under the listed designations or job titles.  


Further education after a BBA Health Management course?   

Master's in Business Administration (MBA), MBA in Hospital Administration are the next post-graduation courses recommended after BBA Health Management.