How is online learning better than distance learning?
23rd January 2020 By Eduzina

There is confusion between distance education and online education in today’s times. They are often used interchangeably. But that is incorrect. Both are different forms of learning, and both have their uses.


Today, an online degree in India has gotten a huge push forward with the advent of Covid-19 and the subsequent closing of physical schools, colleges, and universities. However, both distance and online learning were available long before. Understanding which is better for you will require some knowledge.


What is distance learning?

Distance learning is also known as a correspondence course. It is a form of learning where the study materials and other resources are sent through post to the students. This time, this happens over the internet by email. Often, video material and PDFs are being sent to the students for their use.


This is a form of learning where there are interactions between teachers and students in study centres. Students are expected to use the learning materials to get through the course on their own mostly but the interaction with teachers was quite limited. The exam dates and submission dates of projects however have to be adhered to.


It is up to the students to fix their own study schedules to complete the course in question.


What is Online learning?

An online degree in India, on the other hand, is a lot more interactive than the above. In this form of learning, students are supplied with resources and multimedia lectures. There are a lot of discussions held between teachers and students. Students are also encouraged to discuss subjects on their own.


All these discussions and interactions happen through an online digital platform. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit, online learning has taken the whole world by storm. Schools and colleges have no other way of educating students and therefore, this medium has been embraced fully.


Benefits of Online degrees

If you are looking at online degree courses in India, you will be happy to know that this form of learning has several benefits. There is a lot of flexibility to be gained when you choose this to fulfill your career goals. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with online learning.


Fully online

This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a medium that allows you to do a course 100% online. The flexibility is tremendous as you can choose where you do your learning, how you do it, and when you do it.


As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can do such a course from the comforts of your home.


Interaction with teachers

With UGC-entitled online degree courses in India, students can interact with teachers as much as they need to. Distance learning limits the interaction but with online learning, you can ask questions, clear your doubts and have discussions with the teachers.


This is helpful for students to clear their doubts on complex topics directly from the instructor, and understand the subject matter well.


Course structure is similar to regular classroom course

Another benefit of online courses is that the structure of such courses is very similar to a regular classroom course. This means that you are not losing out on anything when you choose an online course. You get a lot of flexibility but you also get all the benefits of a regular classroom course.


Whether it has to with the course materials or examinations, a good course will let you partake of everything you need to grasp the subject matter well.


Examinations online 

For all the major online degree courses in India, the examinations will be held online. Such online exams allow you to get your degree certificate which you need to go for further.


Choose the right university

If you have decided to go for online education, there are certain things to look for.


UGC recognition: This is important. It will ensure that your degree has a lot of value in the job market.

Easy payments: Getting an education of your choice should not burn a hole in your pocket. When there is an option for easy payments, it makes the financial burden a lot more bearable for students and their parents.

Alumni network: Being a part of the alumni networking of a great university will help you in future career growth.

Industry exposure: The right industry will give students an opportunity to get industry exposure to pave the way for success.

Career assistance: You will definitely require career assistance. So choose a university that provides you with any help you may need like writing your resume and interview tips goals.


Finally, it can be said without any doubt that online degree courses can be a great choice. Some of the top online degrees in India are:


1. Master of Business Administration

(With Different Specializations)

2. Bachelor of Business Administration

3. Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
4. And Various Diploma Programmes

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