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MBA is a two-year-long post-graduation course that helps candidates and future entrepreneurs with complex problem-solving techniques and special skills. A chance to understand the. We are here with an offer to allow you access an online MBA (Specialization - Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, International Business Management, Production & Operations Management, Agribusiness Management, Retail Management, Project Management) course that will be stretched over 96 weeks.   



A student who has successfully cleared 10+2+3 in any stream or has equivalent educational accomplishment from a recognized board is considered eligible for pursuing an MBA post-graduation course. An additional condition expects a student to have secure at least 50% in graduation.  



It is a 24-month course divided into four semesters, each with six examinations.   



Nine specializations are offered in the MBA problem, namely Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, International Business Management, Production & Operations Management, Agribusiness Management, Retail Management, Project Management. A student is expected to pick one out of the available nine.  



There are four semesters, each conducted semi-annually over two years.  



Total of 26 courses available under MBA graduation course.  



Students are assigned one project during their Final Year.  



Examinations are conducted twice a year, each after completing the curriculum of the respective semester.  



The students are evaluated yearly based on the Internal exam and Final exam based on a ratio of 3:7.  



Marketing Management  

Four elective papers, including Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Sales and Distribution Management.  


Financial Management  

Four elective papers included Elements of Corporate Finance, Management of Financial Services, International Financial Management and Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management.  


Human Resource Management  

Four elective papers, including Human Resource Planning and Development, Compensation & Benefits Management, Compensation and Benefits Management, and Competency Mapping and Performance Management.  


Product & Operation Management Specialization  

Three elective papers, including Basics of Quality Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, World Class Manufacturing.  


International Business Management  

Four elective papers included Regulatory Aspects of International Business, Export-Import Policies, Procedures and Documentation, International Marketing, and Global Business Strategies.  


Information Technology Management 

Four elective papers included System Analysis & Design, Information System Security & Audit, RDBMS with Oracle and Enterprise Business Applications.   


Agribusiness Management 

Four elective papers included Rural Marketing, Supply Chain Management in Agribusiness, Use of Information Technology in Agribusiness Management, and Cooperatives Management. 


Retail Management 

Four elective papers included Introduction to Retailing, Retail Management & Franchising, merchandising, Display & Advertising and Supply Chain Management in Retailing. 


Project Management Specialization 

Four elective papers included Project Risk Management, Microsoft Project 201, Advanced Project Management, and Scanning Business Environment for Project.  


List of subjects 

Semester 1 

  • Management Concepts & Applications 
  • Managerial Economics 
  • Financial & Management Accounting 
  • Organization Behaviour 
  • Statistical Techniques 
  • Legal Aspects of Business 
  • Business Communication 
  • Data Analysis Using Advance- Excel 

Semester 2 

  • Marketing management 
  • Financial management 
  • Human resource management 
  • International business 
  • Production & operations management 
  • Research methodology 
  • Business environment 
  • Business ethics and corporate governance 

Semester 3 

  • Strategic Management 
  • Operations Research for Managers 
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Management 
  • Capstone Project 
  • Change Management 

Semester 4 

  • Project Management 
  • Environment & Disaster Management 
  • E-Business Management

Who should Join the MBA course?  

A person looking for a critical role in an organization by heading a specific department such as Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource or Operations, and Supply Chain Management should opt for an MBA course. It helps you specialize in the critical sectors of an organization, including Finance, Sales, marketing, Business Strategy and leadership, Human resources, Analytics.


Career/ Employment/ Job Opportunity after the course  

A post-graduate of the MBA Course can become an investment banker, financial advisor, Human Resource Manager, Business consultant, and entrepreneur. There are endless possibilities under the listed designations or job titles. A handsome salary slab is offered to MBA in developed countries like the USA and other European countries. A critical managerial position is being provided to MBA as they are expected to achieve organizational goals. 

The most paid position includes MBA in Finance followed by MBA in marketing, MBA in Human Resource, and MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management.  


Further education after MBA course?  

Doctrine in any subject can be done after the MBA course!